Turn Theory into Practice

Students put their medical theory into practice on virtual, interactive patients that explore the full continuum of care. Like pilots training to fly an airplane on a simulator, train to treat patients on CyberPatient.
Practice clinical skills for higher decision-making accuracy 
Improved patient care and risk reduction
Ability to track and manage the financial impact of patient care

CyberPatient will profoundly and positively impact the healthcare system and medical education with:

With CyberPatient medical students can:

Practice their clinical decision-making skills anytime, anyplace, as often as they want to.

Experience different outcomes and the consequences of their decisions.

Build their full spectrum of competencies in order to enter clinical practice.

CyberPatient is the ultimate tool to develop and verify your medical competencies for clinical practice.

What does CyberPatient Do?

CyberPatient provides medical students with an interactive learning platform that includes variety of medical cases to practice their clinical skills on.


Students can sharpen their abilities for history taking, physical examinations, diagnosis, treatment and follow- up of patients. This improves their decision-making abilities and competencies in a virtual clinical environment that mimics the real-world experience. 

Meet the Founder: Dr. Karim Qayumi

Professor, Surgeon, Entrepreneur, Inventor. 

Learn more about the man revolutionizing medical education.

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