Pioneer medical practice by becoming a CyberPatient™ Clinic Champion

​Show the world what the future of medical practice looks like!

What you get:

  • Free access to CyberPatient™ for life. CyberPatient™ will help your exam and clinical preparation practice. PLUS prepare for EPAs. Stay with us and you will have all you need throughout your medical career, as we enhance and evolve the product suite!

  • To participate in high profile research projects to achieve published status 

  • Opportunities to attend medical conferences with expenses paid

  • To pad your resume with both research work and referenceable project participation

  • Get to test new features of CyberPatient™ 

  • Be a part of the latest innovation in medical education and have an inside track on the newest technological advances in medicine & technology

  • Opportunity to develop your entrepreneurial flair and earn cash.

What is required from you as a CyberPatient™ Clinic Champion:

  • Provide continual feedback on the system

  • Volunteer to lead the research projects relevant to your area of study 

  • Present CyberPatient™ in one conference per year 

  • Be a part of and promote at least one case competition a year 

  • Be an active participant of the CyberPatient™ Facebook user Group

  • Share your thoughts on medical education & technology with us and on our social media 

  • Spread the word: share news and updates of CP™ 

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What to expect and what is expected of you, as part of this exclusive and elite medical learning community:
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NOTE: There are limited spots available.

To qualify and retain your free access after January 31st, you must:

  1. Complete all information accurately

  2. Complete your submission by 25th January 2021

Successful applicants will be notified by the 15th of February

Selection will be based on a first-come, first in basis for all fully and correctly completed entries until capacity has been reached.


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