Want to continue access with CyberPatient™ to help you ace your exams and be fully prepared for wards?

Make an introduction to your Faculty Lead or Librarian and you will continue to receive free access to CyberPatient™ for the remainder of your medical studies.
CyberPatient™ is the ONLY peer-reviewed and educator-led asynchronous learning environment that supports student-centered learning, feedback and results
If your faculty knows about it, they’ll want it.  

Aside from your individual subscription, an institutional license includes the Teacher Dashboard, allowing your professor to assign, review, assess, and provide feedback on an individual, case by case basis.  


A single referral provides you with ongoing free access to CyberPatient™.


All you need to do is cut and paste the referal message below into an email and send it to either your Faculty Head or Librarian to retain access.

Copy & Send the email below:


Dear (Faculty Lead Name and Designation / or Librarian)


Header: Request for a learning resource


Interactive Health International (IHI) generously provided free access to CyberPatient during COVID to medical students worldwide. I have experienced enormous benefits from having access to a comprehensive library of 120 diverse patient cases - peer-reviewed, designed and evaluated by medical professionals.  CyberPatient has really helped put my medical theory into practice on virtual, interactive patients throughout the full continuum of care. 


I thought you might want to investigate this as a valuable resource for all our medical students.


For your convenience, I have included Mark Ritichie and Dr Karim Qayumi of IHI as a means of introduction for a potential conversation. You just need to reply to Mark Ritchie in this email string if this is something you wish to explore further.


Thank you for your consideration and continual support for our learning.


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