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Win one of five $1,000 prizes!

We're creating voice recognition for Cyberpatient and we need your help to train our new machine learning algorithm. Use your creativity to ask questions like only humans can! Test your humanity, twist your words, create variations of the same question, and help train the machine!

Help us add voice recognition to CyberPatient and have a chance to win $1000!


Creating realistic clinical experiences for medical students

CyberPatient is a multifaceted approach to providing practical clinical experience for students and doctors. By adding voice recognition, not only will CyberPatient students be able to see and interact with our digital patients, they'll be able to speak to them too, creating a more realistic and intuitive learning experience.

But first, we will need your help! Your contribution to this project will allow us to keep delivering enhancements that make CyberPatient easier for you to use in preparation for big events like exams, the MCCQ, and of course, clinical practice.

Here’s how it works!


Enter the sweepstakes page and you’ll be sent a single clinical question.

It'll be up to you to send us back at least 20 different ways to ask that same question!


Be creative! Come up with multiple ways to ask your question (short and long, technical, or casual - we want it all!) The more thorough we are, the better our voice recognition will be.


The 5 winners of $ 1,000 will be posted on our Facebook on Oct. 6, 2020 so make sure to follow us to find out!

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