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CyberPatient: The Gap, Our Solution, Goals & Educational Philosophy.

Get to know CyberPatient as an interactive, simulation platform and hear about the educational philosophies behind the creation of CyberPatient from the Founder himself! - Dr. Karim Qayumi MD, Ph.D, FRCSC

CyberPatient Curriculum Integration:
As Curriculum Content and As an Assessment Tool

Learn how to integrate CyberPatient into your curriculum for CBL, PBL, group discussions, pre-clerkship, clerkship, and internship. You will also learn how to use CyberPatient as an assessment tool for formative and summative assessments.

Technical Requirements, Design Characteristics & How to Operate CyberPatient

We will step you through the design characteristics and technological requirements for optimal user experience. By the end, you will be fully proficient in using CyberPatient.

Types of Research Activities, Completed Projects, Research in Progress, & Research Opportunities

Understand all the types of research activities that can be performed with the use of CyberPatient. Dr. Qayumi discusses completed research projects and will help you explore research opportunities for your Organization.

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